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Richmond Consolidated School

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide opportunities for everyone to become mindful, caring individuals, as well as academic achievers. As a community of learners, we are committed to creating a school climate that encourages positive self-esteem, critical thinking, responsibility, mutual respect, citizenship and a lifelong love of learning.

Our mission: In cooperation with parents and the community, Richmond Consolidated School will provide all students a safe environment in which:

• Personal and academic excellence is promoted and celebrated.
• Student responsibility for learning is developed and expected.
• All members value and exercise our core values: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self Control (CARES).
• An enthusiasm for life-long learning and community service is instilled.
• We relish learning from differences and embrace diversity. 

Important Information

RCS Testimonials


I am a parent of 4 children at Richmond Consolidated School. We have been privileged to be a part of this school system for 8 years, and there is no school in the Berkshires that compares! Our family travels internationally, and has been exposed to the finest educational systems, and we have chosen to be at Richmond. The curriculum is diverse and differentiated, with a qualified support staff to meet the needs of all students. Our school teaches the whole child with a uniquely rich arts program and cross-curricular teaching. This is THE school in the Berkshires. — RCS parent


Richmond Consolidated School is positively exceptional: small classes, great teachers,rigorous academic programs that foster critical thinking as well as creative development, and a strong commitment to the arts and foreign languages. In fact, kids start Spanish in kindergarten. — RCS parent

We are so lucky to have found RCS. It is a hidden treasure in Berkshire County. Our two children entered this year as buds, now, blossoming. The food is excellent, local and fresh. The art is innovative and creative. The children have a sense of security and respect at RCS. It is a beautiful path for children, preparing them for another. We are above the moon over this school and all that it has to offer. — RCS parent


Richmond school is one of the best in the Berkshires. It's like having a private school education but without the cost. The principal in incredible and the sense of community is great. There is a strong focus on the arts and music that can't be found at any other local public school in the area. The food program is also one of the best often using locally grown or from their own garden produce. I strongly recommend Richmond to anyone looking for a great small school in the Berkshires. — RCS parent


My school is outstanding in every way: English, math, science, social studies, art, music, physical education/health, theater. This small school has a huge heart & offers a great education in a warm atmosphere. — RCS teacher


Richmond school is as good as any private institution one could send their children to. The teachers take great interest in their work and my kids love the school. My children have developed well there with caring faculty and great programs. I couldn't be happier. — RCS parent

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Guiding beliefs of the Richmond Consolidated School 

We Believe…. 


  •  Every Child has the right and potential to learn.

  • In inspiring and nurturing children to care about and contribute to their world.

  • All children deserve to have high expectations set for them and the support to achieve them.

  • In commitment to professional growth for our faculty and staff.

  • Parents and community play a critical role in education.

  • All members of our school community need to feel safe.

  • It is important to have built-in systems that support, implement and evaluate innovations.

  • In respecting and fostering unique and diverse learning and teaching styles.

  • In a curriculum that is coordinated and consistent, flexible and challenging to meet the needs of every learner.

  • Mutual respect, honesty and responsibility are vital to a healthy learning environment.

  • It is the responsibility of the educational community to anticipate the changing needs in society and to evaluate and adopt the best educational practices.


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