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Our History

The town of Richmond has a distinguished history of being committed to quality education for its residents. By most accounts, the first public school in Richmond was established in 1781. By the late 19th century, Richmond had six schoolhouses to serve its student population: the Northeast, Southeast, North, Center, Southwest, and Furnace.

In her 1964 book Richmond, Katharine Huntington Annin pointed out that the earliest record of a school committee was in 1862, when the average winter enrollment was 137 and the average summer enrollment 117. (Interestingly, according to Annin, “the cost of all the schools, including teachers’  board, salaries, and fuel for the school stoves, was $850.”)

In 1937, the six schools were consolidated into one building aptly named the “Richmond Consolidated School.” Located on the present site, the school– built for a total cost of $24,000– included three classrooms for eight grades as well as a teachers’ room and a basement lunch/play area.

The Richmond Consolidated School underwent a major renovation and expansion in 2000. A centerpiece of the Richmond community, the beautiful state-of-the-art facility today provides the setting for a solid, well-rounded education for 175 students from preschool to eighth grade. Besides the basics– math, science, English, and history– our children also have the opportunity to study Spanish, French, art, music, drama, technology, and physical education.

Mission Statement



Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to become happy, caring individuals as well as academic achievers. As a community of learners, we are committed to creating a school climate that encourages positive self esteem, critical thinking, responsibility, mutual respect, citizenship, and a lifelong love of learning.

In cooperation with parents and the community, Richmond Consolidated School will provide all students a safe environment in which:

• Personal and academic excellence is promoted and celebrated.
• Student responsibility for learning is developed and expected.
• All members value and exercise our core values: Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self Control (CARES).
• An enthusiasm for life-long learning and community service is instilled.
• We relish learning from differences and embrace diversity.

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