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Lisa Schwartz


My name is Sandi, I graduated from Becker College receiving an associates degree in Sports Administration, before coming to Richmond I was the Sports Director at Girls’ Inc. When I first started working at RCS I worked in the kitchen.  I am now a paraprofessional and work in the classroom with the students. I love watching the children develop through the years, I also enjoy staying active with the students.

When I’m not a work I enjoy playing tennis, hiking with my dog and traveling and enjoy watching  my children’s sporting events.

I live in Hancock with my husband and daughter (Michigan State) and son (Salisbury School)

Sandi Wojtkowski


Megan Besse


Erin Weeden is a teaching paraprofessional.  She has served as president of the Paraprofessional Unit of the REA for over 15 years as well as vice president prior to that. She has three grown children, She lives in Pittsfield. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and assisting with their academic, social, and emotional growth. She also enjoys training her horse using Natural Horsemanship technique, yoga, hiking, gardening, refinishing and reupholstering furniture, natural crafts, and cooking.

Erin Weeden


Prior to coming to our community Jessica taught in a private preschool program for 8 years. She believes every child should feel safe at school and she wants to help make that happen. She is a wife and mother of 2. Jessica loves the beach and bike rides with her family.

Jessica Jezak


Mrs. Bartlett is a Paraprofessional at Richmond School and she is currently working in Kindergarten with Mrs. A.

She has worked at Bartlett's Orchard for over 35 years and she is the Ski School Director at Bousquet.  She started skiing there at age 7 and started teaching there at age 14.  She was the the Humane Educator at Berkshire Humane Society for 6 years and is now the President of the Board of Directors.

She lives in Richmond with her husband, Ron and her two dogs, Rossi and Bailey. She has two children Justin and Micaela who both attended Richmond School.

She likes to ski, ride horses and hike with her dogs.  Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is pizza!

Cindy Bartlett

Housman, David.jpeg

David Housman

241092224_570908060752425_7659644478028229447_n-removebg-preview (1).png

Errin Roney joins us as a paraprofessional.  Errin, in addition to already being an active member of our community, comes to us having previously taught for seven years in California. 

Errin Roney

0008_DEMPSEY_MS._01 (1).JPG

Cheyanne Psutka

0009_DUS_MS._01 (1).JPG

Denise Dus

Hi, I am Miss Ellen and this is my first year at RCS as a Paraprofessional. Previously, I have worked at the Pittsfield Schools. 

I grew up in Interlaken which is a small part of Stockbridge. My background and experience has been diversified and lends itself to helping, inspiring and creatively assisting educational aspirations.


I enjoy many things in my life and that is: hiking, singing, dancing, reading, writing, art, cooking, gardening and horseback riding. 

Ellen Austin

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