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Our Academics

Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to become involved, creative, caring individuals as well as academic achievers. As a community of learners, we are committed to creating a school environment that encourages positive self-esteem, critical thinking, responsibility, respect, citizenship and a lifelong love of learning. We have students in our building both from the Richmond community and surrounding towns. We offer these students a quality education with small classes and enriching activities! Please call 413-698-2207 for more information about our School Choice program.
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The school Library/Technology program supports the RCS mission by encouraging “a love of lifelong learning” and supporting all areas of the RCS curriculum. Students in grades PK-4 will have a combined library and Technology class while grades 5-8 will only have Technology class but will have access to the library during Technology class and whenever needed. During Technology class students will learn computer fundamentals, keyboarding/typing, internet usage and communication, online safety/digital citizenship, word processing, presentation tools, spreadsheets and databases. Guidelines for the library include the following: Students in grades PK- 4 may take out a maximum of two books at any given time while students in grades 5-8 may take out 3 books at any given time. For any books that are overdue, a notice is sent to the child’s classroom teacher once a month. If a student has lost or damaged a book, students are requested to replace the book with a gently used copy or pay the replacement cost. Checks should be made out to the Richmond PTA.

Physical Education

All students receive two periods of Physical Education a week. Children are expected to participate, unless a note from a physician is provided. In addition, students should always wear appropriate athletic footwear and clothing. Proper footwear is absolutely necessary for children's safety, as well as protection of the floor. We suggest that a pair of sneakers is sent in at the beginning of the year to be kept here at school. Our Physical Education program offers experiences for all students, with the goal of developing a healthy self-image and a wholesome, lifetime attitude towards exercise and fitness. Activities are carefully planned so that students obtain knowledge about the value of regular exercise, essential motor development, and the social characteristics which foster citizenship. A Health Program is offered to students (grades to be determined).


All students in grades PreK-8 receive one period of general music per week. Children in grades 4-8 have the option to participate in band with instrumental lessons as well as select choir in grades 6-8. All of the bands and the select choir are a full year commitment if a student chooses to join any of these performing groups. Instrumental lessons are held during the school day in consultation with the student’s classroom teacher. Students in grades 5-8 will have the option to audition for the jazz band, which rehearses before school. Students in the band and/or choir are required to attend all performances. More information and details on the requirements for performing ensembles will come home with students.

Paint Brush

All students in grades PrK-8 receive one period of art per week. Each grade level has lessons during the school year that are centered around the elements and principles of art and design. They also have lessons which are a reflection of our integrated curriculum in art and school based themes. Students learn to recognize and use the Elements of Art and Design in visual art making while developing the tools and the Artist Mindset and ability for exploratory, imaginative and creative problem solving and thinking. They learn not only to understand art theories but also how to apply the theories and techniques in their work in a way that can be clearly assessed. Many lessons are designed to use art to better understand the ideas, formulas, and concepts studied in other academic areas, engaging in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both.

Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program started out as a unique set of classes taught by local professional

artists, designed for grades K-8 in which the Arts, Drama, Dance, Music, Design and the Visual Arts, were explored and experienced. The program has now expanded to include the other elements of STEAM education; including residencies with local scientists , technology educators, engineers and mathematicians, enriching students and building on the knowledge and skills they are learning in their core classes as well as with specialists.

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