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Blizzard Bags 2019-20

Blizzard Bags at RCS

“It is the experience of students, parents, and staff members that making instruction relevant, engaging students, and maintaining high levels of attendance on ‘makeup’ days due to earlier school cancellations is difficult at best.” – MA-DESE

What is a Blizzard Bag?


On a snow day….

• Teachers will provide activities in different subject areas for your child to complete at home.

• Fun, engaging activities will reinforce what was taught in class and, therefore, students will need little to no support.

• Some teachers will send home an actual bag with activities (especially at lower grades) the day before the projected storm.

• Some teachers will post the activities on the school website or through Google Drive.

• Activities will be rigorous enough to count for a day in school but will not require your child to sit at a desk and work for 6 hours! Blizzard


Bag Benefit #1

Students learn better when there are fewer interruptions in their learning. It’s very hard to keep momentum on a topic going when students miss one or more days of instruction in a week.


Blizzard Bag Benefit #2

State Testing occurs during the months of April and May. The curriculum is more likely to be covered prior to state standardized testing if we can provide meaningful learning opportunities for students at home on snow days.

Blizzard Bag Benefit #3

For elementary students, Blizzard Bags provide an opportunity for parents to share additional 1:1 time with their child, as well as a chance to see what their child is learning in school, and to share their own experiences around those topics.

Blizzard Bag Benefit #4

Blizzard Bags provide an opportunity to experience independent, hands-on, experiential learning that sets the stage for lifelong learning.

Blizzard Bag Benefit #5

Families will not have to alter summer travel plans due to unanticipated make-up days and students will not have to attempt to learn in an un-air conditioned environment on sweltering days. Important points for families to know….

• The first “snow day” will be a snow day- no Blizzard Bags. Blizzard Bags will be used for Snow Day #2 and Snow Day #3.

• Blizzard Bags will be prepared for students at each grade level, with differentiated instruction based on individual student’s needs. Students will be expected to complete and return the Blizzard Bag within seven calendar days of the designated snow day.



Blizzard Bag work will be assessed and feedback provided to the students. Teachers will be accessible to students by email for a portion of the snow day to assist if students have questions.

• Students can also bring the blizzard bags back to school after the snow day and seek help in order to complete the work. Support opportunities in or after school following all snow days will occur to ensure that all students are successful​.

                                                            Blizzard Bags will only continue through the 2019-2020 school year.

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